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Hot Springs

  • Outlook Golden Baths

    Famous Hot Water Kawayu Onsen is a large public bath where you can fully enjoy the famous Yugawawa Famous Hot Water Kawayu Onsen (acidity Myoban-sen).

    The hotel adjusts the source of 35 meters ahead of time with an appropriate heat exchanger, then does not add water or circulates, it will pour into the bathtub as it is.
    For that reason you can have plenty of fresh Onsen.

    Kawayu Onsen order to fully enjoy Kawayu Onsen, we have prepared three Onsen bathtubs and three stages of "high temperature, medium temperature, low temperature" in the temperature.

    "Low Temperature 38 ℃" is the moment you put your feet in, but I think that it feels like "U, Ku!", Please sink your body as it is and sit still.It feels as if you are taking a bath! "Nuruyu" was such a pleasant feeling ... · · ·"I think there is!
    Hot spring bath hours
    24 hours available (except cleaning time)
    Hot spring qualities
    It is very acidic, so if you immerse the (5 ph. 6) 5 nails in the bath, it will melt away in about 1 to 10 days.
    Sterilization·Skin slippery·Heat retention·Immunity improvement
  • Open Air Bath

    Heisei (time period) is an outdoor bath which was renewed in December 2008.
    We used lots of trees such as larch and finished it in a rustic atmosphere.
    I placed a tree bench next to it.
    Customers who are dozing occasionally feel sleepy ...Please do not catch a cold
    Of course this is "sourcing the source as it is".
    Temperature is set to medium temperature 41 ° C, but because it is outdoors it may be affected by outside air temperature, temperature may slightly rise and fall.
    Hot spring bath hours
    ~ Morning 9: 30
  • Information on a day-trip hot spring

    "Observation Golden Baths", of course, you can enter even on a day trip.
    Bathing available time is from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

    In addition, we have a rest space where you can rest at your feet.

    Vending machines and shops in the facility sell soft drinks at general retail prices, so please feel free to purchase them.

    Please note that it may not be available during Golden Week, Bon Festival Congestion etc., and when you are on a school trip.Sorry to trouble you, please understand.
  • Examples of Onsen

Hot Springs

Kawayu Onsen(Natural Onsen 100%) Onsen Baskdown ※It does not include artificial Onsen

Open Air Bath

Yes (There are also men and women (including time change) · Charges are not allowed)

Number of baths

"Outdoor bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0
[Inner bath] Man: 4 Female: 4 Mixed Bath: 0
[sauna] Man: 1 Female: 1 Mixed Bath: 0

Other bath facilities

Perspective Bath / Sauna

Onsen tax

Hotspring tax adult 150 yen separately.