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Kawayu Onsen has long been a medical treatment type as a medicine since ancient times,
Customers who understand "real Onsen" have received tremendous support.
However, it is reality that we can not inform you of the peculiarity of the spring quality (acidity Myoban-sen) and the wonderfulness of efficacy.In order to fully enjoy the "not circulating" or "not diluting" source,
Heisei (time period) we were allowed to renovated the "open-air bath" of the "outlook golden large public bath" in December 2008.
Three kinds of Onsen baths are prepared, and the temperature is also "high temperature" "medium temperature" "low temperature"
From elderly customers to small children, you can enjoy Kawayu Onsen leisurely and leisurely.Also, at our hotel, we will make Kawayu Onsen to reduce the environmental burden even a little against the natural environment surrounding Kawayu Onsen,
We are working on co2 emission reduction.

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  • March 31, Heisei (time period) 30(soil), Kussharo Ko (lake)

    To everyone who was affected by the recent East Japan great earthquake disaster, I express my sincere sympathy and sympathy.
    I pray that everyone can regain their daily life as soon as possible from Hokkaido in the distance.

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